Indian cities are bustling and exciting, and in most areas, quite safe. Please do not be offended if the locals stare at you - the Indians are friendly and hospitable people and very curious. Almost all city-dwellers speak and understand English, and you will find that most of the street and shop signs are in English as well.

India is a developing country with an enormous and growing population. Social and economic development continues apace, and tourism income undoubtedly has it's part to play, but you will certainly experience many of the inescapable symptoms of poverty during your tour, some of which can be shocking to western eyes. For obvious reasons, beggars will be attracted to tour parties, but we would ask that you do not give to them. Many of the beggars will be operating 'professionally', and regardless of this, giving to them simply perpetuates the practice. Alternatively, our ground staff, in all locations, will be happy to suggest a charitable institution should you wish to make a direct contribution.