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India is a land of huge diversity and extremes, from the lush tropics in the south to the epic plateaus of the North. Let our experienced Greaves consultants help you decide which point of the compass suits you best. The subcontinent is really a country made up of many 'countries', which is what makes India so fascinating and why so many people return year on year.

There is no other land which can boast such verdant, tropical jungle and glorious stretches of golden beaches; barren deserts and huge, arid plateaus; rolling foothills and one of the most mighty mountain ranges in the world; wildlife sanctuaries and innumerable ancient monuments. Above all, few nations are home to such an incredible wealth of history and culture.

India at its finest

A picture of Bhainsroragh Fort Rajasthan taken on a Greaves luxury holiday

Each region is unique, and each holds its own wonders, secrets and beauty.

- In the North, you have the eternally enchanting and historic state of Rajasthan, whose palaces, forts and temples open your mind to India's rich past. Marvel at the remote Himalayan landscapes of the far North, where Buddhist monasteries, swathed in prayer flags, are perched precariously on mountainsides.

- Travel to the East to discover echoes of the British Raj in colonial Calcutta and experience India's holiest Hindu city: Varanasi. Enjoy the easy pace of the cool hill country in Darjeeling on gentle treks around the mist-swirled te-a plantations.

- In the central region, discover the vibrant port of Mumbai, the 'gateway to India', where your senses will be overloaded at the spice bazaars, fragrant with jasmine and cardamom. Take stock on tropical beaches in exotic Goa and feast on the finest seafood curries.

- The scenic South offers exploration in India's fertile lands. Kerala is a lush paradise backed by coconut plantations and wild, natural beaches, bright green paddy fields and peaceful backwaters teeming with birdlife. Whichever direction you head in India, you will be astonished by the rich variety that this magical country offers.

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