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One of the greatest pleasures of traveling through the Indian sub-continent, is the wide variety of gorgeous hotels and resorts. India’s traditions of luxury and unique style are skillfully combined with state of the art amenities, resulting in unparalleled luxury. Hotels and Resorts across the India Sub-Continent are all about choice! The range in style, price and budget is wide reaching and very much depends on personal preferences as much budgetary restraints.
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Visitors to India are spoilt for choice within most budgets. From the small, neat, simple cottage style rooms with stunning views, to private palaces owned and run by members of India’s royal families, to huge palaces converted and skillfully restored by experienced hotel chains, to brand new sprawling properties, designed to reflect the style of ancient palaces, but with spectacular swimming pools, locations and every possible modern luxury.

On the following pages, we have highlighted the most popular choices of our clients who love to return to India time and again as their hotel experience makes them feel they are returning to a welcome home! However, we are constantly researching new properties and new experiences and can promise you that your hotel stay will stand out in your memories.

India is a demanding destination. She makes demands on your senses and your emotions and the country overflows with experiences and wonders the like of which are not found anywhere else on earth. Returning to a cool, quiet hotel room, with impeccable service that anticipates all your needs, many of which offer breathtaking views in tranquil surroundings and superb cuisine, is exactly what one needs after a day full of crowds and colour, temples and mosques, living history and fascinating sights.

At Greaves, we pride ourselves on taking the time to get to know our clients in order to bring about the perfect match between all the various accommodation choices and our client’s particular tastes and requirements. The quality of the hotels we use, have been personally checked by our teams and we are diligent about keeping pace with any changes in management or facilities, but while we do our best to ensure that you have up to date information, all changes are beyond our control.

Welcome to the legendary hospitality of the Indian Sub-Continent.

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