Greaves India

Cruises and Houseboats

A unique way to discover some of India's more remote areas, cruisers and houseboats offer a new accommodation experience on the country's calming lakes and backwaters.

Take in the backwaters of Kerala on the luxury Oberoi Motor Vessel Vrinda, which calmly drifts past paddy fields, temples and sleepy villages or take over the Malabar Escapes' Discovery houseboat, which only accommodates up to four passengers and provides a truly romantic way to explore the area. If time is of the essence than you can simply incorporate a day trip on one of the many authentic houseboats that pepper the backwaters of Kerala.

Head north to the newly reopened state of Kashmir and relax on the crystal waters of Dal Lake, surrounded by the Himalayan peaks, on the newly refurbished Sukoon Houseboat. Take a journey of discovery with Assam Bengal Navigation, who offer a variety of journeys through the two region's remote areas. From villages and temples to wildlife and plantation visits there is just as much to see from the water as there is on land.


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