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A picture of Devi Garh taken on a bespoke luxury holiday with Greaves India

Devi Garh, Delwara, Rajasthan


Devi Garh, Delwara, Rajasthan


Devi Garh, Delwara, Rajasthan

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Devi Garh, Rajasthan

Delwara, Rajasthan

Situated just outside Udaipur, Devi Garh is one of India's few 'boutique' hotels. The concept of entirely modern interior design within the framework of a traditional palace works incredibly well.

Divine suites are spread around the palace and in the gardens and are decorated predominantly in marble with individual colour themes. The vast, state of the art bathrooms are also a sight to see. Rooftop yoga sessions with panoramic views of the hills are offered. Facilities include a large swimming pool, a small spa, superb cuisine and caring staff.