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In all its recorded history of over 5000 years, Indian cuisine has evolved from being a rustic, nomadic diet consisting of meat and grains to using the indigenous and imported spices and fresh ingredients to create flavourful mouth-_watering dishes. This journey has been a fascinating one – and the piecing together of the evolution of Indian cuisine even more so.

The fascinating interplay of all these factors have resulted in complexities in Indian cuisine that is taken for granted by locals and often goes unnoticed by visitors. On this tour, the culinary journey of just four cities will bring to the fore the variety and complexity of the cuisine but more importantly, you will get an in-depth view on the culture of the people that is inseparable from the food they eat.

On this thirteen-day culinary journey, discover not just the food of India but the culture behind the food.
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The Ultimate Culinary Food Tour

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