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Shopping in India is a wonderfully exciting experience! Silks and satins, comforters and cushions, carpets of every hue and design with the unique Indian touch. Drapes and dhurries, tiffany lamps and temple bells, brass and sandalwood. Rosewood elephants, alabaster boxes and exquisite carvings of the Indian Gods. Bangles of silver and gold, precious stones and antique necklaces of uncut rubies and emeralds. And much, much more…
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Retail Therapy

So how to decide where to begin and where to look and how to get there?
The art and culture of the Indian Sub-Continent is not only alive and well but thriving! It is not always necessary to buy an ‘antique’ as the ancient arts of carpet making, silk weaving, brass and copperware continue to be created by artisans through practices handed down through the ages.

The choices are staggering – from hotel and government emporiums to roadside stalls and street markets. The hotel and government shops are usually more reliable and while the ‘street’ prices may seem more appealing, once the price is converted to foreign currency, a ‘bargain’ is not always worth the risk.

Your own personal shopper!
At Greaves, we are delighted to offer one of our more unique services – the assistance of a ‘Personal Shopper’. We have hand picked, through our personal and professional contacts, well connected ladies who will advise you and guide you through this wonderland of choice! Especially, if you are looking for precious gems, genuine silk carpets, antique photographs or carvings. Your personal shopper will advise on the legalities of export policies, the reliability of suppliers, the authenticity of gems and such like. Whatever you need, whether an antique map of India dating back to the British Raj, or that gorgeous pair of traditional Indian sandals, they will take you to the right store – for style, price and service. You can shop for a pair of diamond earrings without fear of being cheated on quality or price, or they can help you find exquisite furnishings for your home with advice from talented interior decorators. They can recommend the best manicures and spas, find the best tailor or dressmaker and escort you to special sales in private homes.

Your shopping experience will be quicker and much more enjoyable as these ladies will arrange for you to recuperate from some hectic retail therapy with a glass of chilled wine at one of the exclusive private clubs or a preferred table in one of the city’s best restaurants and introductions to the local glitterati.

A word of advice…
Check the levels of import duty levied on certain items. Do remember that any item over 100 years old is banned from export out of the country, as is ivory, crocodile skin and any wildlife products.

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