With regard to Greaves we have nothing but high praise from beginning to end. As you know, David was very impressed with your own knowledge and efficiency from the very start of the planning process. This meant that even arriving in India 2 months after leaving the UK, we felt confident that all would be well.

The various guides were also very good being both knowledgeable on their area, but also willing to discuss much more about themselves and what it is to be Indian in 2014. For us this was probably the most enjoyable and valuable part of the trip and made us realize how advantageous it is to have access to your own personal source of information.

Finally, I have saved my highest praise for Jitender our driver. It was a concern that we might be stuck in a car for 3 weeks with someone that we could not connect with but Jitender was wonderful. A good and careful driver, he was always on time in his immaculately clean car. When we were with reps or guides he was quiet,but as soon as we were on our own he talked, practising his English, imparting knowledge and answering all the questions that occurred to us along the way. He looked after us when we were ill, he bought us a rose for Valentine’s day and won our admiration for his quiet determination to improve himself. If it makes any difference we would really like his employer to know what an asset he is.

Throughout the trip we felt able to relax knowing that we were in safe hands. We had help when we were ill and felt like a precious parcel being carefully passed from hand to hand along the way with each rep having been fully informed of our current situation.

We came to Greaves on the recommendation of my sister and we would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending you to anyone planning a trip to India.

Thank you for all your help and hard work.

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