The Leela Palace rooftop pool in New Delhi


Home to 25 million people, this sprawling city is the perfect enterance to this enchanting country. Take time to explore the modern suburbs of Delhi, and discover the relics of lost empires.

From a travelers view point, the city is divided into two main parts. Old Delhi is the city of the Mughals and dates back to the seventeenth century, a reminder that for more than seven hundred years Delhi was a Muslim ruled city. While many buildings in this part of the city’s teeming corners have a story to tell, its greatest monuments are no doubt the magnificent constructions of Mughal era. Most notably the mighty Red Fort and the Jama Masjid, India’s largest and most impressive mosque.

To the south is the seat of the government, New Delhi, built by the British to be the capital of their empire. This part of the city is impressive in its own way with wide boulevards epitomising the spirit of the British Raj. At its hub, the royal mall, is the Rajpath, that runs from the palatial Rashtrapati Bhavan, in the west, to the India Gate war memorial in the east.

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