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Originally known as Dorje Ling (‘Place of the Thunderbolt’), Darjeeling city is a little hill station on the foothills of the Himalayas lined by emerald–green tea estates. Nestled in the lap of nature,Darjeeling is the perfect getaway in the country for rejuvenating your mind and body. Once a British summer capital for the British Raj elite, the present town is dotted with colonial buildings like mock-Tudor homes and Gothic churches and retains many elements of the era. Darjeeling was once a part of Nepal; hence Buddhist temples and shrines sit alongside other heritage structures. Often referred to as the Queen of the Hills, Darjeeling is connected by a slow riding narrow–gauge steam locomotive operated since the British era, the Darjeeling Hill Railway. Now a heritage site, this engineering masterpiece is inarguably the most sought-after experience of Darjeeling.

Set out for a tea–tasting experience in a lavish tea plantation and witness the whole process that goes into finding the best leaves for the supreme-tasting Darjeeling tea.

Take a walk through the local markets where bright textiles, handmade Tibetan handicrafts, local wares, and imported Bhutanese goods are on display.

Set off for an early morning trip to Tiger hill and watch the sunrise over the Kanchenjunga Range.

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