The coconut palms at Puthenangadi don’t merely swish; they set the tempo for an epic journey that begins without ado. At Coconut Lagoon at Kumarakom, you’re not just embarking on a languorous cruise; you’re threading through Kerala’s backwaters, a realm where blues and greens aren’t just part of the scenery—they’re casting spells over your day. As your vessel skims the loving touch of the water, it’s Marthandam Kayal that insists on pleasing your palate for lunch with a tapestry of flavors befitting a kingscale feast.

Stretching its limbs far and wide, Vembanad Lake becomes your reflecting pool beneath the heavens, as you coast towards Kainakary and beyond. A stop at Nedumudy tickles you with quaint allure while Champakulam cradles secrets in St Mary’s Church. The hum of the market, and the precision of craftsmen at Wood Carving Centre—all thaw in the orange-purple wash of dusk as Thakazhi’s tranquility lulls you into repose.

With another day peeling open your eyes, breakfast joins new adventures on board. Payipad invites—pick a cycle or thread through village lore by foot. You pass Karuvatta and Thottapally in serenity’s flow, all leading to ‘Karumadykuttan’—a Buddha bearing peace through time’s ravage. Post-lunch serenity is at Kanjipadam before your boat parts waterways from Pallathuruthy to Chithira, under a star-sewn canvas.

The concluding matin sees you savoring breakfast whilst floating once more atop Vembanad. With Puthenangadi jetty underfoot, it’s not just memories you step off with but backwater lullabies that hum softly within—a two-night serenade irrevocably knit into God’s own land.