Allow the mystical allure of Sitara Himalaya to draw you into a secluded retreat of soulful connection. Perched at a breathtaking altitude of 8,200 feet above the ordinary, where the mystique of the Himalayas cradles a sanctuary of serenity and splendor. Just 13km from the vibrant town of Manali, this retreat beckons those on a quest for tranquility and rejuvenation.

With a mere ten guestrooms, Sitara Himalaya captures the essence of intimate luxury. Elegance is etched into every nook, blending the simplicity of mountain life with refined comfort, creating an oasis of ‘Saukhya’—a space dedicated to peace and healing.

Here, the passage of time slows, allowing guests to savor moments of stillness amid nature’s majesty. The retreat’s gardens are an Eden of calm, the fitness center a temple of balance, and the sun-drenched terrace a window to the Himalayan grandeur. Sustainability and local charm are the cornerstones of Sitara’s design, embracing the wabi-sabi aesthetic of beauty in imperfection.

Culinary voyages at Sitara Himalaya traverse beyond mere taste; they are quests across cultures—from Tandoors igniting flavors from Khyber passageways to Wazvan kitchens simmering delicacies across Jammu and Kashmir valleys. Sample Thupkas and Momos rooting from distant Ladakh or savor Himachal’s sacred Dham cuisine—each dish interweaving stories from myriad culinary legacies into one harmonious symphony.

At the pinnacle of luxury wellness, ‘Svasthi’ stands as a sanctuary sculpted by Vedic wisdom. Here, the harmony of body, spirit, and soul is a tribute to ancient healing traditions. Svasthi is not merely a space but a journey towards holistic well-being, with therapeutic waters and yogic sanctuaries, all infused with the healing power of nature.

For those yearning for a spiritual sojourn, Sitara Himalaya’s Svasthi enclave is a beacon of enlightenment. Amidst the divine heights of Manali, it’s a place where wellness is as boundless as the awe-inspiring Himalayas.