Where the Brahmaputra bends, a journey unfurls—this is the River Island Cruise, nudging intrepid souls through Assam’s heart over a seven-night itinerary. Embark on this vessel and let time dissolve into the quiet pulse of water beneath—a serenade of tranquility.

The voyage commences with a warm embrace at Jorhat airport followed by a scenic drive through the verdant landscape. The river, a lifeline to Kaziranga’s wilderness, eagerly anticipates your arrival. Come dawn on the second day, the park welcomes you to tread its lands where rhinos stand as armored guardians amid the elephant-grass jungles; where tigers pad silently across a terrain mirroring Africa’s own wild heart.

Sailing with Kaziranga on your flank, you anchor under Vishnath’s watchful eyes, paying homage to shrines that have weathered time itself. Onward you sail, past villages where life flows as gently as the Brahmaputra, past silent sentinels like elephants and the elusive river dolphins that play in the liquid gold of sunset.

Majuli – an island etched with culture – reveals itself as a celestial dance performed on an earthen stage. Here devotion spins around ancient satras and monasteries echoing with Gayan-bayan, radiating a spirituality resoundingly Assamese.

Through whispers of tea leaves in Jorhat estates and Sibsagar’s Ahom heritage sights testament to an architectural confluence, your journey offers glimpses into lives and legacies shaped by both man and nature. When your ship docks on the eighth morn’, you carry away more than memories; you carry away a piece of Assam’s soul eternally intertwined with yours.