Experience the serene charm of Anantya by the Sea, where luxury meets the pristine touch of nature’s splendor. Nestled amidst lush scenery, our retreat offers a haven for those seeking a tranquil escape. Windy mornings set the stage for days spent exploring vibrant flora and fauna, while afternoons offer rain-soaked respite, leading to evenings painted with breathtaking sunsets. At night, a celestial tapestry unfurls above, offering a dance of starlight to end your day.

Anantya is more than just a getaway; it’s a luxurious haven where every detail is curated to enhance your stay. The Sadhana and Veda pool villas boast stunning lake and mountain views complemented by larger private pools, outdoor Jacuzzis, and sumptuous living spaces. Beyond your villa awaits a culinary odyssey—dishes that weave tales of local and international heritage, ensuring that every meal becomes an unforgettable part of your journey.

For adventurers and culture enthusiasts alike, our curated experiences unveil the secrets of Travancore’s rich heritage. Whether you choose to explore historic palaces and temples or immerse yourself in the livelihood of traditional artisans, each activity is an invitation to uncover the tales woven into the fabric of this land.

The indulgence continues at Astitva, the exclusive Ayurveda spa where organic treatments marry ancient healing wisdom to nourish both mind and soul. Whether you’re drawn by signature spa experiences or Ayurvedic packages designed to alleviate pain and stress, expert therapists are dedicated to facilitating holistic well-being.