Nestled in the charming village of Shey, Shel Ladakh is just a half-hour drive away from Leh and offers an up-close and personal encounter with the rugged mountainous culture of Ladakh. Drawing inspiration from ‘Shel,’ which means mirror, this homestay is a true reflection of its serene surroundings. What once was a home to a local family has now been transformed into an architectural marvel using indigenous wisdom and eco-friendly methods after seven long years of dedication.

Spread luxuriously across 15,000 sqft, Shel Ladakh features three uniquely themed bedrooms that pay homage to different regions in Ladakh. With its ingenious design principles, each suite mirrors the distinct qualities of their respective regions. Ranging from the Copper Valley Suite to the Nomadic Suite, guests can enjoy spectacular vistas of the River Indus, the mighty Himalayas, and historic monasteries.

Sustainability forms the backbone of Shel Ladakh as it boasts of a solar-powered water supply and southward orientation for optimum heat retention. Delight in gastronomic adventures as their kitchen takes you on a culinary journey with a daily rotating menu that effortlessly blends local Ladakhi delicacies with global flavors.

Lose yourself in the sublime essence of the Ladakhi lifestyle as twinkling stars blanket the night sky and create enchanting melodies with the gentle gushing of the River Indus. More than just a homestay, Shel Ladakh is your gateway to savoring the pristine splendor found only in this untouched paradise.