Sukoon Houseboat, Dal Lake

Silently moored on the Dal Lake surrounded by the towering peaks of the Himalayas is the Sukoon Houseboat.

The launch of this luxurious houseboat has been highly anticipated as it offers the only stylish and comfortable accommodation on the water.

boat house

Sukoon features 5 spacious en-suite bedrooms with spectacular views of the lake, and large living areas including a large sundeck. The service is wonderfully discreet and makes for a tranquil experience.

The houseboat requires a 3-night stay, during which you can visit the local waterside shops and boutiques, take a traditional Shikara boat onto Lake Dal to venture further into the canals and explore the hidden waterways, while enjoying the pace of local life drifting by.

As such an authentically beautiful location, the Sukoon Houseboat made it onto our list of 50 luxurious things to do in India.

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