Yak And Yeti, Nepal, Kathmandu

Situated in the Red Palace, or Lal Durbar, in the heart of the city of Kathmandu, the Yak & Yeti hotel offers a unique fusion of modern design and original heritage.

Meticulously furnished rooms offer the comfort and convenience of contemporary interiors, whilst majestic architecture and the ample grounds offer a reminder of Nepal's rich architectural heritage. Explore the hotel's antique fountains and gilded temples or relax by the pool in the beautifully landscaped gardens before exploring the surrounding city.

landscape of kathmandu
kathmandu temple

Enjoy relaxed dining experiences at the Sunrise Café, where weekly events include 'Orient Express' - a culinary journey through the Far East, and 'Italian Treasure' - an authentic Italian buffet. Experience the unique Chimney Restaurant, established by the infamous Boris Lissanevitch, where a large, copper-shafted fireplace and vaulted ceilings create a unique atmosphere. Enjoy some of Boris' own recipes, such as Borstch and Smoked Bekti, or choose from a menu of internationally inspired dishes.

Conclude the evening in The Pub, where guests can enjoy exotic cocktails and spirits whilst watching the moon glow over the Himalayas, or head to Yak & Yeti's very own Casino Royal.

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