As open-topped jeeps wind along SUJAN Jawai’s mud tracks, tales of a surprising coexistence unfold amidst the folds and crevices of the Aravalli Hills. Here, in a world where leopards and humans share harmonious quarters, scrubby bushes host peafowl, hares, langurs, and the elusive leopards.

Jawai, unlike conventional sanctuaries, embraces a barrier-free landscape, fostering effortless cohabitation between people and wildlife. Nilgai antelopes, wild boars, and leopards roam freely, establishing a respectful understanding between the two species. The topography, with leopards in high hills and humans in lowlands, aids this unique harmony.

The anticipation of spotting these mesmerizing felines creates palpable excitement, with quests for sightings marking mornings and evenings. Beyond wildlife, a Rabari herdsman in traditional attire adds vivid colour, symbolizing a rare and precious balance between man and leopard. His belief that leopards protect temples, regardless of a goat being taken, intertwines nature and spirituality.

At the heart of this adventure lies SUJAN Jawai, seamlessly blending luxury and wilderness. More than a hotel, SUJÁN Jawai embodies a responsible tourism model, engaging in community development with a Mobile Medical Primary Health Care service and school adoptions. Guests are invited to partake in these projects, deepening their connection with the extraordinary coexistence that defines Jawai.