A Hidden Gem in the Heart of Snow Leopard Territory

Discover the hidden gem of Hemis National Park – Rumbak Wildlife Lodge, perched high in the stunning Himalayas. This exclusive retreat offers unparalleled experiences, enveloped in the enchanting beauty of Ladakh’s dramatic mountains and diverse wildlife.

Tucked away in peaceful Rumbak village, home to 248 locals, the lodge exemplifies harmony between mankind and nature. Blending effortlessly with its surroundings, it is more than just a building. Constructed using traditional techniques and run by native people, Rumbak Wildlife Lodge epitomizes sustainable tourism as it encapsulates the very essence of Ladakh. Ancient stories reverberate through the mountains while an unpolluted night sky unveils a celestial multitude.

Daily adventures turn you from a mere onlooker into an intrepid explorer. Traverse rugged landscapes, marvel at the picturesque Rumbak Valley, and potentially spot the elusive snow leopard. At Rumbak Wildlife Lodge, indulge in a comprehensive experience encompassing luxurious lodging, local culture, and a gastronomic voyage into authentic Ladakhi cuisine.
Immerse yourself in pristine mountain air, tranquil ambiance, and the profound simplicity of life to reconnect with your true self.

Allow this soul sanctuary to envelop you in nature’s unbridled elegance. Embark on a Himalayan expedition, leaving an everlasting imprint on your heart. Journey to where majestic mountains kiss vivid skies, where snow leopards rule, and where Rumbak Wildlife Lodge welcomes you into an extraordinary world of exploration – your unparalleled odyssey awaits!

Rumbak Lodge