Day 1: Arrival in Prayagraj (Allahabad)
Arrive in Prayagraj, the sacred city hosting the Kumbh Mela. Check into your accommodation and take time to settle in. Explore the bustling streets of Prayagraj and soak in the vibrant atmosphere of the Kumbh Mela.

Day 2: Explore Kumbh festivities
Immerse yourself in the ocean of festivity at Kumbh Mela. Wander through a myriad of akharas, partake in soulful discussions, and dive into a spectrum of devotional activities. Cap it off with an enchanting boat ride at the confluence of sacred rivers – truly a navigator’s delight!

Day 3: Exploration and Cultural Immersion
Set off on foot for a day packed with discovery through Prayagraj’s lanes. Bask in the rich culture, sample mouthwatering street treats, and trace the imprints of the city’s storied colonial heritage.

Day 4: Departure
In quiet contemplation, honor the spiritual journey you’ve undertaken during these magical days at Kumbh Mela. With your soul awash with peace and head brimming with precious memories, bid adieu to Prayagraj. Depart carrying an abundance of blessings on this profoundly spiritual voyage.

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