In the heart of Kabini’s untamed wilderness, a symphony of life unfolds. The dry and moist deciduous forests set the stage for nature’s grand performance—a realm where regal Asian elephants roam freely, stealthy predators like the Tiger, Leopard, and Wild Dog silently navigate the shadows.

As the sun dips below the horizon, the Kabini backwaters cradle a micro-habitat, a hidden world teeming with life. The tiger population, thriving in this sanctuary, promises heart-pounding encounters, but it’s the elusive melanistic leopard that steals the spotlight—a feline enigma casting an air of mystery over the Kabini forest.

Elephants, linguistic nomads, effortlessly traverse Karnataka, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu, painting a linguistic mosaic as majestic as their wanderings. Overhead, three hundred bird species add vibrant hues to the landscape, creating a living canvas against the lush backdrop.

Embrace the spectacle of summer elephant herds, silently observe wildlife from a boat, and wield your camera in anticipation of the rare black leopard that graces the woodland. Amidst this biodiversity, the indigenous Beta Kurubas and Jenu Kurubas, known as Kadu Kurubas, share stories of harmonious coexistence. A guided visit to a Jenu Kuruba settlement unveils their unique culture. Engage in firsthand stories over a cup of Jaggery Kaapi, immersing yourself in the soul-stirring essence of Kabini

Inspired by the Kurubas’ Hadis, Evolve Back Kuruba Safari Lodge becomes a picturesque retreat blending traditional craft with modern luxury. Each stay mirrors the harmony of nature and culture, inviting you to immerse in panoramic vistas reminiscent of tribal villages.