Shreyas Retreat, on the tranquil outskirts of Bangalore, offers a harmonious blend of nature and yoga within its elegant and simple sanctuary. The welcoming embrace of ‘athithi devo bhava’ sets the stage for a retreat echoing ashram discipline. Diverse yoga sessions transition into meditative chants, promoting bodily strength and spiritual enrichment, rooted in communal living and self-discovery. The retreat emphasizes selfless service and introspective silent retreats, nurturing both the community and the individual.

Holistic health is cultivated through tailored naturopathic treatments, complementing the yoga practice with natural scrubs and massages. Cuisine at Shreyas is a celebration of nourishment, combining light, nutritious vegetarian meals with local and global culinary artistry. Guests reside in luxurious tented cottages amid lush greenery, with an infinity pool reflecting the vast sky, creating spaces for deep contemplation and restorative calm.

Recognized as a world-class yoga destination, Shreyas Retreat transcends being just a retreat—it’s a transformative journey to the essence of inner peace, where every experience is sacred and every moment is imbued with the spirit of reverence for guests.