Ultimate Tiger Safari

Bhutan is the land of mountain mists and legends, nestled high in the eastern Himalayas, between India and Tibet. From the rooftop of the world, take time to admire the most spectacular of all panoramas. Open to tourism since 1974 this is one of the last untouched bastions of ancient civilisation, where the vibrant whirl of the masked festival is very much an authentic celebration not a tourist re-creation. The spiritual resonance of Mahayana Buddhism is tangible throughout the land with intricately carved monasteries colorfully emerging out of the majestic mountains. Here the landscape is dramatic throughout, boasting deep wooded forests, emerald valleys bursting with wild flora and snow-capped peaks soaring beyond the eye. Now the lure of new luxury retreats make it possible to travel to Bhutan in style! So discover your own Shangri-la in this land of mystique and myth.

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Ultimate Tiger Safari

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