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Rajasthan’s landscapes sweep dramatically from the bony spine of the Aravalli mountains to the Thar’s vast, golden plains, the tiger-prowled jungles of Ranthambore to ancient Mughal cities. Crowning all this wealth are some of the finest luxury hotels in India, meaning Rajasthan more than lives up to its name as the Land of Kings. We’ve cherry-picked the best trailers to make you want to visit Rajasthan.

The City Of Lakes

No Rajasthan visit would be complete without a dip in its City of Lakes, Udaipur. Peppered with palaces and majestic architecture, the most rewarding and exclusive spot from which to appreciate this jewel of a city is right from its heart, at the Taj Lake Palace.

Set in a similarly beautiful palace above Udaipur is Raas Devigarh, whose emerald lawns, Mughal arches and elegant cupolas betray the sheer opulence enjoyed by India’s erstwhile maharajas. The hotel’s views over Udaipur and its surrounding hills are similarly spectacular.

The Desert

Dramatic desert landscapes are reason enough to visit Rajasthan. Its muted golds and ochres are dramatically offset by a blistering blue sky. Taking in all this is The Serai, offering the perfect luxury holiday in Rajasthan.

Set in the scrub-tufted wilds of Jodhpur’s perimeter is the impossibly regal Umaid Bhawan Palace. Understandably a favorite for a luxury honeymoon in India, this sandstone behemoth is all marigold-garland welcomes, wildly sumptuous interiors and service fit for royalty.

The Jungles

In stark contrast to the Thar are the luxuriant jungles of Ranthambore, where tiger sightings are frequent. Perched right on the cusp of it, with a watchtower gazing out across its wild expanse, is The Oberoi Vanyavilas.

Ranthambore isn’t the only wildlife haven in Rajasthan. Jawai Leopard Camp nestles among its verdant jungles. It’s an extraordinary escape into the wild side of India’s most regal state.

The Forts of Jodhpur

A spectacular example of Mughal architecture that bursts to life every February for the World Sufi Festival, Nagaur Fort in is as much a cultural icon of Rajasthan as its famous annual event.

The festival also schedules various concerts in the lofty environs of nearby Mehrangarh Fort. Raas Jodhpur is fortunate enough to recline at the foot of it, and this short video is a beautiful montage of Jodhpur’s many charms.

The Pink City

Amanbagh in Jaipur is another recommended luxury Rajasthan visit. A scenic 90-minute drive from the Pink City, the surrounding Aravalli hills muffle the freneticism beyond. This film beautifully captures Amanbagh’s quietude, its architecture echoing that of Jaipur itself.

Similarly placed in the folds of the Aravalli is Samode Palace. Its gorgeous interiors aside, those peripheral glimpses of Jaipur in this video make a visit to Rajasthan a must.

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