Celebrating 75 Years of Independence

Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav (75th Anniversary of Indian Independence) is officially celebrated in India and abroad from March 12, 2021 to August 15th, 2023.

A remarkable milestone in India's history, Greaves Tours wants to mark this memorable moment by sharing with you the significance of this event today, alongside sharing never-before-seen images of the Cambata family growing up Mumbai, India.

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75 Years On

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The Eros (Cambata Building)

The Eros (the theatre within 'The Cambata Building') is one of the historic landmarks in south Mumbai’s Oval precinct neighborhood.

Originally commissioned by Shiavax Cawasji Cambata in 1935 and inaugurated three years later in 1938, this iconic art deco building is an architectural icon within the city and has been home to a theatre for decades, which is currently undergoing an extensive renovation to bring this historic building into the 21st century.

Born in 1883, Shiavax Cawasji Cambata, our founder, Rustom Cambata's father, was at the forefront of shaping Mumbai into what it is today from the beginning. Described as a 'cosmopolitan and well-traveled man' it was from his various travels that the inspiration behind The Eros was born (Art Deco Mumbai, 2021).

Pictured above is the inaugural brochure of The Eros, which playfully refers to this theatre as 'The Rendevous of the East', illuding to its significant place in the world of architecture, not just in India, but around the world.

Cambata Family History

Born and raised in India, Rustom Cambata and his wife, Jean raised their children Anita (Direct of Greaves Tours), Shahrookh (Chairman of Greaves Tours), Mehra (Managing Director Greaves Travel UK) and Tina, in the idyllic neighborhood, Malabar Hill, outside the city center of Mumbai. It is here, at home in India, that Greaves has its roots as one man’s legacy has spanned three generations.

Rustom Cambata, the pioneer of Greaves today, overcame many challenges and changes in his life. Flying small planes for coal-mining work in India soon led to a passion for travel, and with his family in tow, his children were soon well-travelled and shared his passion for traveling & adventure. He always believed the true value of integrity and loyalty, and that family must come before all else. Upon moving to the UK, Rustom's entrepreneurial spirit turned his passion for travel and knowledge of India into a small, family-operated agency. Ever the innovator, he always looked to the future, and one of his proudest accomplishments was to see three generations of the family working in the business, still in leadership roles today. We have since grown from a single location in London to a global, award-winning company spanning four countries.

Greaves prides itself on our ability to show our clients around India, not only because we're experts, but because it is home. And having a history as rich as that means that the way we do business is naturally different. Every dollar that clients spend with us helps us to give back through one of the several local charities we support, and it helps us to give thanks as we look back on our rich history with this vibrant country.

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