Taking advantage of the undulating Himalayas, a year-round temperate climate and an abundance of welcoming hotels, each Greaves’ trekking and hiking itinerary is thoughtfully curated, melding nature, culture and history for an unforgettable trip in and around the golden nation.

By day hike through deep valleys brightened by colorful wildflowers, seek out roaring elephants, tigers and rhinos, walk into the past at gompas and palaces and see sunsets across the world’s most glorious landscapes. By night, stay in some of the Indian subcontinent’s wonderfully unique hotels: sleep beneath the stars on top of the world, make house in a colonial-style bungalow on a tea plantation, wake to views of the glistening Indian ocean from jagged cliff-tops, and sleep in rooms once belonging to the kings of yore.

Darjeeling & Sikkim, The Eastern Himalayas | 12 Days / 11 Nights

From Kolkata, where Victorian architecture reveals the city’s storied history, depart to Sikkim to discover the Eastern Himalayas. Witness staggering landscapes from hilltop monasteries, where snow-capped peaks give way to steep valleys; embark on breathtaking hikes through the flourishing flora; and explore a family-run tea estate near Darjeeling. 

Kashmir, Heaven on Earth | 8 Days / 7 Nights

Often nicknamed ‘Paradise on Earth’, Kashmir is a fairytale of soaring mountains, lotus-laden lakes and blue pine forests. See a blaze of pink and orange from a historic houseboat at sunset, relive the days of the Raj while wandering through majestic temples, and glide through backwaters on private shikaris.

Luxury, Sri Lanka Style | 10 Days / 9 Nights 

In the southwestern corner of Sri Lanka sit luscious tea plantations, wavy coconut trees on the idyllic coast and the fortified city of Galle that oozes old-world charm. Take a tour of this hidden corner of the world via scenic train rides through the Sri Lankan countryside, staying in old-style bungalows and marble-clad manor houses.

Malabar Days | 14 Days / 13 Nights

Where balmy sunshine mingles with the ocean breeze, the Malabar coastline beckons with sleepy villages sat on meandering backwaters and impressive emerald-cloaked vistas. Forgotten stories are revealed in the churches of Kochi, where you’ll have a chance to see the ancient art of Kathakali in practice, mighty elephants prowl the grounds of Periyar and rice barges await to drift you through the canals.

Nepal, A Himalayan Kingdom | 11 Days / 10 Nights

Discover a world of contrasts in Nepal where for every magnificent monument in Kathmandu, there’s a breathtaking panorama in Chitwan National Park. From the ancient capital, local flights offer a closer look at the monumental Mount Everest, bustling courtyards present peaks into the local way of life and palaces give glimpses into Nepal’s past. Meanwhile, in the Nepalese Himalayas, spot elephants in the grassy lowlands, hike amongst the towering hills and even spend a night beneath the stars in Dwarika’s Resort.

Northern Sights & Nepalese Heights | 15 Days / 14 Nights

Before flying across the tremendous Himalayas into Nepal, explore the narrow streets of Delhi, take a train to the famed Taj Mahal, an enchanting testament to India’s past, and witness an Aarti ceremony from the Ganges in one of the country’s oldest and holiest cities, Varanasi. Across the border, delight in the thrill of spotting elephants and tigers in early game rides shrouded in the morning mist of the mountains.

Secrets of the South | 13 Days / 12 Nights

Uncover southern India’s many faces, from modern Bangalore, India’s Silicon Valley, to spiritual Mysore, where fragrant markets sell spices, silk and sandalwood, to the rainforest microclimate of Coorg where you’ll sleep above the clouds at Vivanta by Taj. The journey will take you through impressive architecture, in search of gentle elephants and past spectacular mountain views, in one of India’s most beautiful regions.

Tea Trails of Sri Lanka | 10 Days / 9 Nights

The Sri Lankan countryside is defined by thriving tea plantations that clothe the landscape in green, picturesque train rides across hillsides and cities that spark memories of a bygone era. Starting in Colombo, this tour will take you to the dewy tea country of Kandy, where the blossoming gardens of Peradeniya lie, and up to the ancient hill station Nuwara Eliya. 

The Land of Mountain Passes | 10 Days / 9 Nights

In Ladakh, a remote Indian oasis known as ‘Little Tibet’, traverse the ancient caravan route of Central Asia, over the Kharfung La Pass, the world’s highest drivable road and explore the Hunder Sand Dunes on camel-back. Visit mountain-cradled gompas, monasteries and castles, all home to age-old relics and contemplative Buddhist monks.

The Land of the Thunder Dragon | 13 Days / 12 Nights

Only open to tourists since 1974, myths and mystique define the mountainous land of Bhutan, where traditions from ancient civilisations still define their way of life. Hike amidst Bhutan’s trove of dramatic landscapes with wild, mossy forests, valleys blanketed in wildflowers and snowy mountaintops that peak above clouds, and learn about Mahayana Buddhism at intricately carved monasteries and ancient fortresses.


Image Credits: Trails amongst wildflowers by Uttam panwar © Shutterstock; person trekking through the Himalayas by My Good Images © Shutterstock; horses trekking through Kashmir landscape by khlongwangchao © Shutterstock; couple overlooking tea plantations by Jordi Prats © Shutterstock; train ride through Sri Lankan countryside by Melinda Nagy © Shutterstock; suspension bridge on hiking trail in Bhutan by Khanthachai C © Shutterstock. 

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